Finite Element Analysis

Xi can measure and model problems with rotating machinery, providing solutions for issues related to rotational and structural dynamics. These multibody systems consist of physical elements connected by joints which partially constrain their relative motion. Internal combustion engines, gearboxes and swashplates are all common examples of these systems. Common issues which can arise include the excitation of casing mechanical resonances, shaft misalignment and torsional dynamic issues. By developing an accurate model our engineers can design alterations to mitigate vibrations and remove the risk of expensive repair and maintenance operations.

The principal modelling package used by Xi is COMSOL Multiphysics, for which Xi are recognised internationally as certified consultants. It provides the ability to perform both rigid and flexible multibody analysis, the former providing an effective model for shaft misalignment but the latter being required for torsional dynamic issues. A flexible analysis allows for the calculation of dynamic stresses induced on components in motion which can provide an insight into their elastic and plastic behaviour. By coupling multibody forces and torques into a structural mechanical model of the casing, a prediction of vibrational displacements can then be made.

An accurate system model allows for the generation of time waveform, waterfall and orbital plots for comparison to measured data. Fully coupled multiphysics models can also be developed to bring further understanding to the acoustic and thermal behaviour of your system. Xi have specified and implemented design solutions and alterations for clients across industry sectors. Our objective is to prevent failures, reducing downtime and the loss of production.

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