Multiphysics modelling and Finite Element Analysis

The Finite Element (FE) method of modelling is one of the most numerically efficient ways to solve the partial differential equations (PDEs) that describe physical phenomena and is therefore one of Xi’s preferred tools. The physical phenomena simulated by Xi using FE include structural dynamics, acoustics, electromagnetics and fluid flow. By providing a deeper understanding of the underlying physics, Xi strive to create models that are valuable to their clients, whilst saving time and money.

The team at Xi Engineering use a variety of modelling packages to create, cross reference and validate simulations. The principle modelling package used is COMSOL Multiphysics and Xi are recognised internationally as COMSOL Certified Consultants. COMSOL provides a true multiphysics environment providing Xi with the ability to fully couple different physical phenomena to simulated complex behaviour.  An example of multiphysics coupling is the modelling of generator dynamics where electromagnetic interaction between stators and poles in a generator effect, and are affected by, vibration behaviour that change the size of the air gap between components.  In addition to this, acoustics can be coupled to the model to simulate the sound produced by the generator.  The energy sector has a plethora of similar examples of complex physical interactions that require a true multiphysics approach.