Noise at Work Assessments

Xi Engineering undertake Noise at Work assessments, providing support and guidance to identify solutions.

Addressing noise at work has been of great importance in working environments since the implementation of the ‘Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005)’ in 2005. It is required by law that no employer should expose their employees to a daily exposure of more than 87 dB and a peak of 140 dB, with hearing protection, as well as the necessity to provide hearing protection when needed.

Xi Engineering undertake Noise at Work assessments in line with the standard mentioned above. These assessments can be conducted using a dosemeter or other equipment, such as sound level meters. A dosemeter is a microphone which employees wear to detect noise exposure levels during working hours. Sound level meters on the other hand are used to asses the noise levels at specific points. Xi use these point measurements to create an acoustic map of work places and thereby identifying particularly problematic places. As an example, we can use spot measurements to identify the zones in in which hearing protection is needed. Measurement equipment, such as acoustic cameras can be used to localize acoustic leakage in machinesryand structures.

Following identification of the issues, Xi can then provide support and guidance to identify solutions and develop detailed plans of how to suppress the undesired noise or reduce the exposure of each employee to such sources. If necessary, Xi’s engineers can act as expert witness for Noise at Work Assessment.