Noise, Vibration and Dust Testing

Noise, Vibration and Dust testing (NVD Test) is a common assessment when identifying the environmental impact of spaces such as construction sites, roads and train stations.

NVD Tests are performed to ensure that the environment does not breach the health impact and planning conditions set by the local authorities. Negligence in providing accurate monitoring and mitigation procedures can result in the refusal of planning permission and produce a negative impact in the health of those surrounding these environments. It is therefore crucial to monitor and assess these spaces.

To perform such assessment and make sure each project is completed to the highest quality, Xi makes use of the measurement and analysis techniques set by standards including BS5228, BS4142 or the National Air Quality Objectives 1997. The instrumentation used during these assessments is the best in the market, from class A Sound Level Meters for noise assessments, nephelometers for dust monitoring and accelerometers, geophones for vibration measurements. Xi can undertake long monitoring measurements as well as short term measurements that will assess the potential impact. All the data recollected will then be analysed according to the relative standards using powerful analysis tools such as MATLAB. These tools will allow us to present this data in a clear and understandable manner so that our clients get a clear picture of the situation and the next steps to follow. In this regard, Xi will be able to provide cost-effective solutions to reduce the level of impact. Xi’s team of experts are well qualified to provide expert advice on these matters.