Rotational Dynamics

Rotating machinery analysis is vital in the process of maintaining rotational components or when planning to purchase new equipment. Many machinery upgrades and installations can end in unwanted and potentially harmful vibration issues in dynamic systems. By determining the dynamic response of a system, Xi can design alterations to remove problematic vibrations and remove the risk of expensive repair and maintenance operations later in the component life cycle.

The engineers at Xi can provide rapid and accurate analysis on existing machinery using our detailed measurement procedure. This allows us to characterise the dynamics of a system, through quantification of vibrations, vibration pathways and source. With this data, Xi can then provide a report and analysis on the current operating condition of rotating components in relation to relevant ISO Standards and highlight any cause for concern, prior to establishing solutions.

If there are issues in mechanical operation or if the client wishes to improve the performance of their system we can provide design improvements for rotational components, mechanical bearings and seals, supporting structures, and even design isolation and damping techniques for destructive frequency matching.

For more complex systems and new system designs, Xi have provided full multiphysics modelling services where detailed modal analysis, fatigue analysis, frequency response analysis and even ODS analysis on full drive train and multibody dynamic systems can be performed.