To bring a concept to prototype and production, Xi Engineering use SolidWorks Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for the production of engineering drawings and 3D part files.

The capabilities of SolidWorks allow us to efficiently produce accurate models, realising ideas into physical parts.  Xi’s engineering team have experience from the design development to the production phase at a range of scales from intricate plastic parts to heavy structural steel components.  For all designs, we apply a practical engineering understanding to ensure workable and functional designs.

SolidWorks allows us to produce detailed engineering drawings, with which we can assist in sourcing and liaising with fabricators to support the production and final development.  For smaller prototyping and proof of concepts Xi use 3D Solidworks models to produce 3D additive (or 3D printed) parts using a range of Ultimaker 3D printers, CNC desktop milling and laser cutting.

The advanced SolidWorks Simulation package is used to allow for direct simulation of the material and physical behaviour and the performance of the designed parts.  A key element for this process is component optimisation, which allows refinement of designs by removing specific material where not needed, saving weight and reducing production costs.

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