Specialist Measurement and Equipment

Xi Engineering Consultants has a highly skilled team of engineers that can operate a wide range of measurement equipment. From classic measurement equipment such as sound level meters or geophones to more sophisticated equipment including acoustic cameras our engineers love to stay up to date on the latest measurement equipment in the market. This makes the team confident in their ability to deliver the highest quality of work.

Efficient solution design often requires specialist equipment to accelerate the process:

Acoustic Measurement Equipment:

  • Sound Level Meters: classic measurement equipment (microphone)
  • Acoustic Camera: lets you visualise sound. Useful for sound localization. More info in (link)
  • Dome Microphone: used for wind turbine measurements
  • Song Meter SM4BAT: ultrasonic sound level meter (up to 240 KHz)
  • Tapping Machines: Used for building acoustic measurements (transmission).
  • Dodecahedron Speaker: Used for building acoustic measurements.
  • Dosemeters

Vibration and structural Measurement Equipment:

  • Geophones
  • Accelerometers
  • Seismometers
  • Motion Amplifier Camera: used to visualize vibrations and resonances.
  • Optical Tachometer for torsional vibration
  • Load cells
  • HAVmeter: hand held vibration sensor
  • Proximity sensors for Non-Disruptive Testing (NDT)
  • Laser vibrometers
  • Linear Voltage Displacement Transducer (LDVT)


  • Weather Station: Suitable for environmental impact measurements and wind turbine
  • Impact Hammer: Induce vibration
  • DAQ’s

In addition to the above list, it is worth mentioning that our team are also capable of designing prototypes and solutions with the help of 3D printers, CNC machines, laser and vinyl cutters and so on.