Super and Cloud Computing

In situations where models require maximum processing power, Xi Engineering make use of super computing resources or cloud based computing.

As models grow in scale and complexity, a limiting factor of simulation can be the computational time required to converge a solution.  To overcome this Xi Engineering operate powerful modeling computers, following the fast paced curve of new computing hardware. However, there are instances where models require even greater processing power. In these instances, Xi will either call upon super computing resources or cloud based computing. Both allow large computationally demanding simulations on far larger computer resources than even the most powerful traditional desktop computer can provide.

To access supercomputing resources, Xi work with the EPCC at The University of Edinburgh who operate ARCHER (Advanced Research Computing High-End Resource).  ARCHER,  a Cray XC30 supercomputer, is the largest, fastest, and most powerful supercomputer in the United Kingdom.   This resource allows Xi to tackle problems that would typically be considered outwith the realms of typical computer simulation, providing incredible detail and scale to models where required, including:

  • Extensive time dependent problems such as wind or water wake effects
  • Large domains
  • Complex geometries
  • Multifaceted physical interactions such as structural to airborne noise systems
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