Time Waveform and Waterfall Analysis

Engineers at Xi are capable of identifying and diagnosing a whole range of complex problems relating to rotational machinery. Through a series of both time and frequency domain analysis Xi's team can identify the characteristics of dynamics and structural related issues.

Through our time analysis techniques, our team of experts has been trained to identify problems by looking at the response of the machinery with respect to time. Through this analysis, we are able to detect problems in low speed machinery, system bearings, gears as well as rubs or undesired beats.

Furthermore, our engineers can also analyse and investigate the machineries problems through the frequency spectra. This type of analysis helps us detect problems in higher speed operational machines. Such problems can be misalignments, unbalanced gears as well as resonances, fatigue analysis and other problems such as electrical faults and so on.

In more complex system, were frequency matching between operating frequencies and structural resonances is often common, Xi can go a step beyond normal measurements techniques. With the help of high quality measurement instruments such as accelerometers and geophones. These detailed sets of data can be analysed through techniques previously mentioned and used to create virtual models from which experimental data can be extracted. This helps to design variations in the machinery to improve its performance and output quality.

To make sure every work we deliver reaches the highest quality levels and it is scientifically accurate, Xi follows the guidelines set by international standards such as ISO 1680, ISO 4866, ISO 7919, BS EN 60034 and ISO 14839 to name a few. Following these papers, we make sure not only our clients are happy but every machine we study and modify, reaches the highest industry standards.