Vibration Measurement and Modelling

The team at Xi Engineering Consultants are often asked to conduct measurement campaigns to assess the level of vibration in buildings and other structures. The source of vibration might be, for example, a nearby railway, road traffic or a construction site which could cause cosmetic or even structural damage to the structure under consideration. In addition, if this structure is, for example, a residential property, the level of vibration might cause annoyance or even result in serious negative impact on the health of the receivers.

Xi Engineering employ the best measurement equipment in the market. From accelerometers and geophones to more specific equipment like Modal Amplification Cameras, Xi’s engineers are trained to perform accurate measurements and analysis that will identify the causes of the vibration as well as classify its intensity. Measurement campaigns conform to relevant international standards such as BS 6472-1:2008, BS ISO 4866:2010 or BS 7385-2:1993.

Xi’s expert engineers can complement measurement campaigns with accurate computer simulations.  These simulations can determine dynamic response of structures to various scenarios in already constructed sites as well as verify model in their design stages. To perform such simulations, our team makes use of the latest software such as COMSOL Multiphysics, MATLAB, SolidWorks and others.

Some of the projects our team have been involved include:

. Floor vibration response

. Floor footfall analysis

. Sensitive machinery housing

. Sensitive machinery isolation

. Forced frequency response modelling for operational equipment

. Wind loading analysis

. External environmental impact

. Rail and traffic vibrations & underground rail vibrations and re-radiated noise

. Cleanroom and laboratory placement and vibration analysis and equipment isolation design

. Plant equipment room modelling and placement