Vibration Measurement and Structural Response

Xi provide a complete service by quantifying and explaining vibrations and designing mitigating solutions

Be it low frequency rumbles causing human discomfort, a high frequency rattle resulting in increased mechanical wear, or a broadband and damaging impulsive event such as that from bumps and potholes, Xi can help minimise and mitigate these effects on Rotating Machinery.

Everything has resonant frequencies and all moving equipment and machinery vibrates. The Xi team have experience in an extensive range of sectors, measuring, diagnosing, and solving clients’ vibration concerns.  Xi provide a complete solution, going further than just providing results by quantifying and explaining the vibration then suggesting and designing mitigation solutions.

Where necessary Xi can apply advanced measurement methods including techniques such as Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis which allows acceleration or velocity data to be visualised showing the response of the machinery both in respect to time and with respect to vibration. This can be used to improve the operational efficiencies and extend the lifetime of your rotating machines.

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