Accelerating your development

To give our clients technical understanding and insight we have a three phased approach which can be used to underpin some or all of the aspects of your project

1. Modelling & Simulation

Delivery: Dramatically reduce time to value through virtual prototyping, whilst benefiting from our expertise as we serve as your flexible R&D partner, helping to increase your team’s skill set. Through client led simulation our app can be used to remotely refine and test your technology.

Methodology: Specialist measurement software, designed to fit your particular technical challenge. Our team are experts within the modelling field with access to powerful computing resources.

Quantifiable Outputs: Reduce risk through validated models, costs through virtual prototyping and ensure compliance with industry standards. Providing client control and confidentiality.

2. Measurement

Delivery: Testing and proving theoretical solutions through validating simulations in an applied setting. Delivering high-tech diagnosis of technical challenges by identifying variables which could be limiting your product or machinery. Identifying areas of weakness  and improvement through rigorous testing against standards and legislation and ensuring compliant designs. 

Methodology: Trained personnel with the ability to work with specialist measurement equipment and software in high-risk environments globally, to fit your technical challenges. Extensive knowledge of standards and legislation.

Quantifiable Outputs: Reduction of risk through validating designs in an applied setting while complying with design requirements. Work more effectively by utilising the detailed origins of your technical challenges.

3. Diligence & Analysis

Delivery: Reduce risk by obtaining independent and confidential verification of your design. Prepare your design for the next stage of development. Standard and legislative compliance, ensuring your design is compliant with relevant standards

Methodology: Robust NDAs and ring-fenced IP with consistent and thorough testing. Industry experts. Due diligence, FMEA theory.

Quantifiable Outputs: Reduction of risk through independent verification. Ensure technology and investor readiness and compliance with your industry’s standards.

What our clients say

“This represented a huge cost and time benefit for us. We went from making multiple prototypes by hand each week to simply dialling up a new one in the software.

In addition to settling on a final design we’re very happy with, it is now easy for us to customize our transducers for clients’ requirements.”

Martin Roberts, CEO, Warwick Audio Technologies
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