Quantifying the real world

Why Measure?

Xi Engineering Consultants have the expertise and knowledge required to measure devices, machines and structures across all sizes and scales, from wearable technology to wind turbines. Our specialist equipment allows us to measure inaccessible locations, validate simulations and diagnose non-standard issues. We ensure that all measurements are carried out safely, efficiently and in line with industry standards. We are members of international standard committees.

Client Benefits

Overcome obstacles
Reduce project timescales
Identify and reduce risks
Fatigue reduction

Accurate measurements in hard to reach places

Our clients often call upon our services to assist them in gaining a deeper understanding of the mechanics behind their technology. The measurement equipment we use can widen the capabilities of our clients’ teams and we are frequently requested to provide them with design measurement campaigns. We add extra value to your project by combining our measurement skills with our modelling abilities, which can be used in tandem to either validate concepts or be used as a test bed for alternative designs and solutions, whether that involves material or structural changes.

We pride ourselves on how quickly we can respond to your needs. While ensuring compliance with health and safety protocol, our team will make every effort to carry out efficient, non-invasive measurements to give you the information you require to make informed and clever decisions.

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