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Xi Engineering is committed to helping our clients overcome the technical challenges associated with the vital transition to net zero carbon emissions. We are specialists in helping our clients to continue to develop and innovate emerging renewable devices and also maintaining and increasing efficiencies of existing assets.

Over 15 years of working in the sector, Xi’s cutting-edge simulations and measurement techniques have increased device efficiencies, improved and optimised new energy-generating machines, and removed the barriers to deploying new energy generation, infrastructure and transmission lines.

Our expert team has experience in working on everything from initial prototype designs to large-scale technology roll-outs; retrospectively measuring, analysing, testing and resolving operational and maintenance challenges; overcoming design, planning, and de-commissioning engineering challenges; and working in high risk environments. We can help you with design optimisation, safety-critical issues, diagnostic testing and, where measurement is not possible, simulation.

We are active members of both Scottish Renewables and Renewable UK and have assisted our local Scottish Government release over 1.1GW of onshore deployment. We sit on international standards groups for extending the operating life of generating devices. We have worked with most major OEMs of renewable devices on land, offshore and below the waves. We have measured and monitored traditional energy production facilities to get the most for invested infrastructure.

As market leaders in the sector, we thoroughly understand the technical, commercial and legislative requirements of stable and cost-effective energy production. We can ensure your technology is operated in the best manner to make you a competitive player in your market.

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