Engineering challenges in the energy sector

The oil, gas and wind industries are exposed to design, planning, operational and de-commissioning engineering challenges. Identify, diagnose and resolve by working with Xi.

As a team which has been active in the energy sector for over 15 years, we understand the commercial and technical requirements required to be able to create stable and cost-effective energy productions.

Our holistic view means that as well as having a technical understanding of the machinery needed for energy production, we have a thorough economic and legislative understanding of the sector. Our knowledge and skillset allows us to be able to provide you with the help required to ensure that your technology is operated in a manner which allows you to be a competitive player in your market.

Our team of specialists have a proven track record of helping our clients in the energy sector through:

  • Design optimisation
  • Dealing with safety critical issues
  • Simulation, where measurement is not possible, for example when working with gear boxes or turbine blades
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Highly experienced team
  • Experience of working across projects from initial prototype design to large scale technology roll outs
  • Experience in retrospectively measuring, analysing, testing and resolving operational and maintenance (O&M) challenges whilst ensuring all safety standards are upheld
  • Knowledge of energy market legislation, planning applications and environmental impact assessments
  • Trained and qualified team, skilled at working across all types of structures and across all scales
  • Experience of working in high risk environments

Once the necessary Risk Assessment and Method Statements have been approved, and all confidentiality clauses have been agreed, our engineers are in a position to collaborate with your team to gain access to site or commence data analysis in order to identify, analyse, model, test and resolve your challenges in a safe, efficient and confidential manner.

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