Increasing engineering efficiencies in manufacturing and heavy industries

Overcome non-standard industrial challenges

Through identifying, diagnosing and solving industrial challenges we can build on the existing technical knowledge within your team and add specialist insight into non-standard issues which arise over the lifetime of your machines, factories and bespoke facilities.

Our ability to measure in hard to reach locations combined with our simulation skills can help you to better understand, test and improve your locations and equipment.

Our team are equipped to safely access sites and install specialist equipment to obtain the data required to inform our simulation software. Further to this we use a suite of mathematical tools to diagnose and analyse the information either provided by you or gathered by our team of engineers.  This data can then be used to identify, test and provide solutions which we can be used to achieve the expected or required lifetime of your site.

Safety is of the utmost importance to Xi and our engineers have received the specialist training required to allow them to work in a diverse range of high-risk environments.  Once you have provided site specific training to our team and we have agreed on appropriate risk assessments and method statements we are able to quickly respond to your needs. The very nature of Xi is to be able to fit to your project’s needs and timescales in a flexible manner in order to meet your project’s needs and timelines.

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