The impact of dynamics on humans, particularly within the medical setting is a major consideration for designers and managers of both wearable technology and medical equipment and facilities.

Our technical and Multiphysics capabilities allow us to provide our clients in the medical sector with a comprehensive service across all scales, helping to reduce risks whilst adhering to the relevant BSI and ISO standards.

Having worked extensively at the interface of humans and technology, our team use micro computational fluid dynamics to optimise performance; and with an in depth understanding of materials such as plastic, we can help to optimise your product, building or sensitive equipment to work effectively, precisely and with minimised impact.  Through applying an analytical and scientific approach to your project, our team of experts can help you become the best in your field. This is best achieved when we are consulted upon at the early design stages, where we can then help you to significantly improve and develop your project.

We are also able to apply our existing knowledge of building dynamics within a medical setting. We can help you to ensure your sensitive equipment is correctly housed and unaffected by other activities taking place within the facility.

Due to the sensitive nature of our clients’ projects, robust confidentiality clauses are included within our contracts, allowing us to fully integrate with the teams we are working with.  Through ensuring that our team develop a deep understanding of a project’s scope prior to commencing work, we can deliver the highest quality and most appropriate solutions to technical challenges.  Once an accurate scope of work is established, our team can work efficiently and diligently, helping to relieve the bottlenecks associated with lifecycle design. In providing assistance with due diligence checks, our team can help to release the next round of funding required for a project to progress.

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